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A Welcome Message of the Secretary of

The Rough Ashlar Lodge no. 11

Lodge La Pierre Brute no. 11

محفل الحجر الخام رقم 11

The Rough Ashlar Lodge welcomes all Brethren (Men and Women) and visitors to our website.

Here you will find information about our Lodge, as well as information on Freemasonry and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR).

Our traditional, universal values and customs will enrich your journey into the world of Freemasonry. We hope Freemasonry enriches your life, as it has for many generations.

Many composers have written songs and tunes for freemasonry, its various bodies and masonic subjects. In addition, many familiar hymns and other tunes have been officially or unofficially adopted by masons for use in lodges and banquet halls.

We offer a glimpse into the world of masonic music.