A Man/Woman wishing to become a Freemason must of his/her own free will, ask to become One. So, each and everyone comes to Freemasonry of his/her own free will and accord. 

Every man/woman who wishes to become a Freemason must be investigated as to his/her background and then balloted upon by his/her prospective Lodge's brethren.

  • If I join Freemasons, will I learn Freemasons secrets and Masonic Lodge Secrets?

Yes.  But, if Freemasons secrets and Masonic Lodge secrets are your main reason for joining, your enthusiasm will soon diminish. 

Here are the Freemason's secrets:  They are the grips, passwords, penal signs, and ritual work.

  • What are the Conditions for me to join The Lodge?

For a person to join our Lodge, he/she must be Twenty One of age and living in Lebanon or can come at least once a month for regular meeting attendance.

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